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  1. The R & A rules of Golf apply.
  2. Four Ball Better Ball Match Play rules apply – rule 23 from R&A.
  3. Men will play off yellow tees, ladies should use red tees.
  4. Please note - Current Active or Inactive handicap certificates must be shown to your opponents prior to play commencing.
  5. Buggies and GPS range finders may be used, in accordance with the rules of the R & A. As a courtesy, please inform your opponents if you intend to use either of these.
  6. One named substitute player per team is allowed throughout the team’s participation in the competition. Once the substitute has been played they must remain in the competition throughout, thus replacing the original team member.
  7. The organisers must be notified of any substitute players prior to them playing in the competition.
  8. Any team that fails to comply with our rules, or is found not to meet any initial criteria, will be disqualified at any time.
  9. In the case of any dispute the organiser’s decision will be final.
  10. Participants in The Golf Classic are responsible for payment of green fees (excluding the Grand Final) and any travel expenses incurred during the rounds and including the Grand Final. Note: We always endeavour to match teams to their nearest opponents, owever from time to time, it will be necessary for teams to travel further a field.

For more information and to enter simply call 01892 752300 email or click here to enter now.

Entrance closes at the end of February 2020 with the first round in March.

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